Friday, December 13, 2013

Cheers To That!

So. Not so many days left for us to say goodbye to a year 2013. I'm not even sure if this year has passed way to soon or .... or something. When I was at work I suddenly found myself wondering about all the stuff that has happened during this year. It is so weird to think how radically things have changed and in a way how much I have grown up in my own little head (... I think so)...

  How did 2013 come? To be honest I don't remember much about the New Years Eve.... Or at least don't want to remember (such a shame that a girl can be so drunk.. seriously..). I think my memory comes back at some point during 2am when we were still out partying. Didn't feel like any other night out. Siiri met some Australian dude and was hanging with him (or they knew already before that evening). When it was time for us to go home and sober up the guy came with us. Somehow I found it very funny to introduce myself to him all the time... like after every 10 minutes or so. Such a comedian.
  The next day was the point when I realized that I actually had missed out all the big fuzz about the New Years celebration and the actual party. Such a shame. But the next morning was still and quiet and with Minttu. Oh thank god for Minttu.
  Owell. The following days of the first months of the year were pretty crazy. As usual, us, apartment girls running around the Tallinn and its clubs and partying - a lot. Meeting so many people and making a lot of new friends. Even the Australian Dude from the New Years Eve became a very good friend of mine.
  Ofcourse there were a lot of girls dramas and fights and tears but I think the human mind is build up so that mostly it captures the best memories and all the laughter. All the love. Sweet :)
  During the summer I did a lot of babysitting and being an auntie to my sweet Liisa and her dog Rudolf. Quite a pair I would say. But still little sweethearts.... And then I moved to Finland. And here I am now... The most antisocial me that I ever have known myself. Not saying it's bad - just working for my future and enjoying myself and my family. Gotta love that. Most of my friends that I made in Tallinn have moved to their home countries or Estonians have gone to study abroad. So the year has been full of Goodbyes as well. Sad ones.
  If I would have to choose the best part of the year or thing that happened to me I would pick the part when me and this Australian dude from New years Eve started dating (the most awkward first months of our relationship haha). I'm not so sure why I refer to him as a "Australian dude"... His name is Matt. And I am very happy that we discovered ourselves as more than friends.
  So Yeah... In conclusion this year has been everything - full of adventures,crying, laughter, fights, love, alcohol, parties, home, friends etc, etc. Now going through the old pictures.... A Fantastic year to look back at.

Love you,

Monday, December 2, 2013


Had a shower, pulled on my shorts, big T-shirt and pink woolen socks. Put on my pink headphones and started to listen to girlish music. Closed my eyes and just relaxed on the bed. Sweet. Thats my kind of sweet end of a Monday that came too quick. Music can cure everything mood, physical feeling... everything. It works for me - little happy music that is full of giggles. Ouyeah.