Friday, October 11, 2013

Otoño Amarillo

Hello there,

First of all I little gif to show how I feel about autumn Sleepy kitty :)

So the Mother Nature has officially changed into a more colorful dress and decided to cut of on some sun so we'd be more thankful if it is sneaking behind the clouds.

It has been pretty rough week after coming back from Estonia. Too many things happening and have to get ready for changes not sure if the good kind of or the bad kind... Will see. We can manage the both ways - just have to be patient. Oh, and work - had so much work this week so Friday is a real blessing...

To be honest I can't think of anything awesome to write about (or if I do I just can't get the words on the screen to express myself in a proper way).... but one sweet person reminded me my love to pugs so I decided just to share some pictures with you that I have saved in my PC. Not my own captures but very awesome ones :)

Honey can we please get a pug nooooooow!?!

Cheers to those little Mopsus.

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