Thursday, April 4, 2013

Things have been a bit complicated lately - well after all us, women, tend to get things complexed...

I'm again standing in the middle of nothing. I don't know what I want, how I want it and how to make up my mind. Cheers to that.  So to remind myself that this world is actually full of joy I decided to make a list - 5 things that makes me smile :)

1. HUGGING - lot's of hugs. The best comfort of them all and the feeling that someone holds you, sweet ^^
2. When someone gets you angry and then starts acting foolish. It's hard to be mad like that and it reminds me how pointless fighting is.
3. Full belly - "Sorry for the things I said when I was hungry" , yup that's totally me
4. When a stranger (that goes actually to the people I know as well) isn't afraid to come to you and share a kind word. Or just seeing smiley faces on the street - it's like little sunshine :)
5. Animals, especially giraffes. These little ( or not so little) furry creatures, nawwwwww. 

Oh, and in March I had my three-year blogging anniversary. :) When thinking back we can all tell that there are some things changed. I'm not in Sweden... I'm not living in Finland either... in fact I'm still in Estonia and instead of studying tourism specialty I have chosen international youth work. I managed to finish secondary school, worked in children's center, worked in shop, moved back to Tallinn, lived in the hostel, moved in with 3 amazing girl... and here I am now... all motivation and now idea of what direction to choose. Instead of 1 little sun on my ankle I have 4 tattoos ( one on arm, the sun tattoo is changed and is bigger then one on my withers and a sentence on ribs). Uuuh, and if someone didn't notice I shaved my hair. 

Now, lets cheer up and try to study a bit :)
Love you guys,
Susie xox   

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