Sunday, September 15, 2013


Cigarette in my hand, enjoying cold Sunday morning. Leaves are slowly turning their colors - Nature is changing her green dress into something much more colorful and dare I say even more cheerful?!? I'll take another puff of smoke and breathe it in... I can feel how dizziness is getting me. I am addicted.

As you can see I decided to practice my English and have a post in that language. And every time I start writing it seems to be going well... until I find myself totally lost in my thoughts and then start struggling with the language itself. Not so motivating.  

I've been having an endless discussion with one of my sweetest girls about relationships and feelings.... and if and when it is too early to get into one.... and every time we manage to find ourselves thinking about the questions "what do other think?"... Why do we depend so much on others opinions or words?
Well we still haven't found all the answers for ourselves but I guess this topic isn't lost from our everyday talks. 
I've started to be more social lately (and not only in the meaning of interweb but also in real life). Somehow when I came back to Finland I started to be not so opened to new friends. After all in Estonia I was surrounded with people who I trusted and felt comfortable with. And they knew me. Having a new start and getting to now people might be interesting and all but at the same time I felt that I don't really want to replace my friends back in Est. And that was until I started to meet random people in random places and had chats with them. Then I realized that I don't have to replace anyone. I can just make room for new people to get more interesting stories.       I still do miss my people though.

And now I  remembered it's Sunday so it's time for me to get my butt to the kitchen and start making pancakes - the only things I could cook but don't really like to eat. Ironic.


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