Wednesday, May 18, 2011

... I'm surrounded by  rotten heads. The smell is so horrible that I feel almoust impossible to breath in. I try to find my way back ... I don't even know where I want to go - just looking for familiar places. I can see little black thing.... when I manage to have closer look I can tell it's hand. Without body....  And then I open my eyes and realise it was all just a dream. That's how I have spent last fiew nights. 
 However, my days are more brighter - happier.  Goosh how my legs are hurtig. Hah, how convincing - better days but hurting legs. Had my folk dance lesson the day before and I guess  I didn't do enough stretching so now I have my result.
 Yai.  Oh, and I got a rose today from one boy . That was really lovely. I mean there is
 nothing going on  between us but I feel good to be with him. So yeah, when comparing 
my days and nights then days are indeed full of smiles and love. 
Trying to get back on my sewing  track . I found one black skirt that needs some redo so
 tomorrow I'll give my best.

The day was long, thinking happy thoughts and going to bed.
 Happy thoughts, happy thoughts! 

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